Pretreatment Program

Pretreatment Program

The objective of the Industrial Pretreatment Program is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the receiving stream, and to prevent the pollution that could pass through or interfere with the wastewater treatment processes or which may contaminate sewage sludge.

Each industry connected to Bellaire’s, Martins Ferry, Brookside’s and Bridgeport’s sanitary sewer system is issued an Industrial User Discharge Permit with reporting requirements and parameter limitations. Currently there are 8 facilities on Eastern Ohio Regional Wastewater Authority’s program. There are four industrial categories that include Major Significant Industrial User, Minor Significant Industrial User, Non-significant Industrial User, and Dry Discharger. The type of discharge from operation/production, various equipment, pretreatment units and the water usage of the facility determine the industrial user category. Currently all 8 facilities are classified as Major Significant Industrial User.

All industrial and commercial facilities who discharge into Bellaire’s, Martins Ferry, Brookside’s and Bridgeport’s wastewater collection system need to be on the program to enable the EORWA to protect public health in conformity with all applicable State and Federal laws. Any new industrial facility will need to complete and submit a wastewater discharge permit application. These forms are available from the contact below.

Submit to:

Michael Dobbs, Operations Manager
P.O. Box 508
Bridgeport, Ohio 43912